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CAPTAIN JUNE 09.09.2018

Captain June,

A warm conversation on a warm day!

Captain June,

As the daughter of a petroleum engineer, she was born in England 96 years ago.

Her life, which reminds us of an action movie, carried on from Africa due to her father’s job. She stayed in Uganda, learned the Swahili language and started to enjoy running barefoot in the endless savanna.

When they returned to London, she took bale, theater and singing lessons. She was dreaming of being on the stage, but she fell in love when she was 20 years old. She got married, her husband was very rich and there was a considerable age difference between the couple. When she was drifting in a different direction in life, she got redirected to a different direction, therefore got divorced. After sometime she fell in love with someone else, got married again to her next husband who was richer. She moved to New York, then Geneva. Magnificent parties, a distinguished lifestyle and days within luxury did not give her what she had truly wanted in her soul. Her, being a nature enthusiast, got a divorce from her husband to satisfy her soul purpose. She bought a little sailboat and sailed to the Mediterranean Sea by herself. She travelled through the Aegean Sea for 20 years, anchoring to Greek islands. She loved all of the Aegean region, travelled all the way, became and amazing captain and started be called as “Captain June” from then on.

She came to Marmaris Dalyan for the first time in 1975. Saw Iztuzu Beach, and fell in love with it.

She still excitedly talks about the day she first came here with her initial enthusiasm. A year later, she visited again, and again…

In 1984 when she was 64 years old, she had built the shed in Iztuzu beach, which stands still to this day, and moved in. She started to research the sea turtles one the beach.

In 2009 when she was 87, she became a Turkish citizen. Joan Christine Fairey Haimoff. She learned that there’ll be a construction of a five star hotel in Iztuzu beach. An English-Arab partnership, with 1800 beds which would result in tourists invading the space where sea turtles lay their eggs. She cooperated with World Wildlife Fund, started campaigns in USA, England and Switzerland. She had managed to stop the hotel project by challenging the government leader Turgut Özal at the time and caused them to take a step back. Iztuzu beach was then considered to be a protected area. This has allowed sea turtles and their eggs to avoid the risk of being harmed in their own area. To this day, they still come to the beach to lay their eggs. She founded Sea Turtles Conservation Foundation to ensure the safety of the turtles. She still lives in her shed with her 9 cats and 8 dogs and hosts her guests with her assistants. She drives through the streets of Dalyan with her 1966 model Volvo, uses a computer, is up to date with the world and continues her fight to ensure that not one nail is driven to Iztuzu Beach and that the sea turtles’ reproduction stays safe.

We are very thankful to Captain June who joined, and hosted us.

Hereby to support foundations which promote conservation of sea turtles we have set the Dryfit t-shirts to sale in our shop, with the design gifted by prized underwater photographer Alp Baranok, with al proceeds going towards foundations.

Captain June is 96 years old today and is living in a country miles away from her own, dedication herself ton protect our hometown, our fauna and flora, our lands and our nature. She devoted herself to sea turtles and never had kids. Us, as the Nereids family initiate dives in Dalyan area and give presentations in Ankara in order to support the rehabilitation centers that treats the sea turtles that are harmed by humans and the Sea Turtles’ Conservation Foundation which works hard to preserve nature and its residents.

Gaye Dülger.

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