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First Aid for Children and Babies Education

Includes adults, children ages 1 to 8 who are hurt or sick, and how to help without harm. Adults see the differences between the practices made for children and the practices made for adults. In addition, considering the psychological state of the child, the importance and way of applying the basic emergency practices by adults with their children are explained. Secondary help includes measures for common injuries and illnesses.

Emergency First Response Care for Children trainings are determined according to the priorities applied by first aiders and medical professionals. The priorities of the educators are to give the trainings in a pleasant, calm and comfortable environment, reducing anxiety and stress, as it should be applied in the real environment. Thus, practitioners can better maintain their composure when faced with any situation.

The course includes both primary and secondary aid. In the primary part, the first aider makes it possible to respond to life-threatening emergencies (such as occlusion, cardiac arrest). Secondary aid, on the other hand, focuses on what to do when the ambulance is delayed or does not arrive, in addition to the information in primary aid.

Child and infant first aid course contents have been prepared based on the principles of the ILCOR Pediatric Working Group.

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