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How was Nereids Established?

Nereids was established with the insists of the diving friends who were always by Gaye Hoca’s side

Gaye Hoca has founded Nereids by making her hobby into her job at the end of 10 years of hers dedicated to the underwater. Today, Nereids is 10 years old while celebrating its 20th year on the sector.

What is Nereids?

The 50 Nereids, who are the daughters of the old sailor Nereus and Oceanid Doris live in their silver caves under the sea. They usually have fun with Triton and are accompany Poseidon. They always help everyone both under the sea and on the shore. They help Europa escape from Zeus till they reach Crete and the sailors who are in the most dangerous gateways. They relax on the shore and get back into the sea. They dry their hair in the moonlight and go around in pairs. The most known are Thetis and Amphitrite. It is said that in The Illiad before the death of Patroclus, all of the Nereids came when Thetis was begging for forgiveness from Achilles.

In classical art they are portrayed as riding different animals (dolphin, sea monsters, hippo). In antique art usually they can be seen on black figured Greek vases in Achilles’ death bed whilst wearing black dresses.

Why Nereids?

A search for a name has started with our love towards sea archeology and mythology. I would not be ordinary, while reflecting exactly what we were trying to do.

Our archeologist friend had an idea: Nereids. It meant underwater fairy. Nereids lived underwater in pairs, just as in our buddy system. Also travel to Poseidon to help the sailors in need. The name would be very fitting to our team who do everything for the sea life, therefore we got our name and registered it officially.

Till 2007, we aimed at the most crowded, biggest and the best. This time we decided on the opposite, which is smaller and calmer groups with special courses.

We left crowded busses, long drives and big boats behind and turned towards VIP vehicles, plane rides and dives with maximum 10 people.

In our diving facility;

  • Theoretic courses are given to at most 4 people at once.
  • Individual or special group courses are also available.
  • One instructor is responsible for at most 2 divers in our course group dives. The whole weekend is just for diving which makes it easier for candidates to get familiar with the equipment and get used to being underwater.
  • Sightseeing dives are only for guests and certified divers.
  • Our maximum number of divers per tour is 12. Each of our diving groups consist of 6 divers with relatively close diver levels, one leading and one following assistant diver.
  • Our travels are done by comfortable VIP vehicles with professional drivers or with planes. With the comfort of our vehicles and traveling through the night, appropriate relaxation time is provided to our guests. Our returns after the dives are to Ankara with a guarantee of minimum 6 hour sleep to ensure your ability to go to work after.
  • Even though our accommodation differs from region to region, we choose the comfortable hotels in that region.
  • There is usually time for sightseeing since fast boats or little ships are preferred for our dives. Therefore, depending on the area usually a tour guide is there to accompany the group.
  • Our travels are calm and peaceful. There is enough time for both fun and relaxation.
  • Nereids was founded in 27 April 2008 in Kaş. A year later, an office in Ankara Gaziosmanpaşa was opened. On 27 April 2018, it moved to the complex in Çayyolu. Its second office opened in Istanbul Mecidiyeköy in 16 April 2019. With the leading of Gaye Dülger in both of our offices we still educate divers, diving leaders and instructors.
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