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Summertime rises with its own sun…

It was a “dream” for us to have our own cafe one day, as for everyone. Since forever, we have been trying to execute the dreams of our divers and thought to ourselves that it was our turn. We thought every brush stroke, if our divers would like it or if they would consider this place as home…

As time got closer to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Nereids, our desire became more intense and immediately after the move-in we started to work on our cafe. We wanted our cafe to have principles just as our diving center. We wanted to have mottos, just like there is in diving…

“We love summer.”

There is no sea or beach in Ankara but we loved summer and vacation. This is not a vacation city, let’s go the beach on my count…

If we can’t, our goals was to bring that atmosphere to Ankara. Gaye Hoca also has experience in cafe management and tourism besides her 20 years of professional career in diving. In addition to that, she brings the exotic environment she sees in her overseas trips in 4-5 years and settles that in Ankara. For years, she brought back items from the places that she had visited and they found their home in our cafe.

“Every summer has its own story.”

Every dive, every vacation and every trip has made a memory in our lives. We tried to grow what we have brought inside our memories from our vacations to our beach in Ankara… its air, water and sand.

From Mexican islands, Maldive islands and Phuket island… We decided with all of our underwater and land crew to work towards showing you our memories from photographs and videos and food and share the feeling of being there in the summer for 4 seasons. Our goal was to introduce everything we brought from islands and teach the underwater world.

“Take noting but pictures, leave nothing but bubbles.”

We value the awareness of preserving nature. Scientists have proven that no living being harms the nature as much as humans.

It is evident the destruction taking shells and animals gives to the underwater world. This is why in Summertime’s walls, decoration and ground no real sea life creature or shell was used. Every item involved in our decoration is ceramic and specifically manufactured.

“Live happy & healthy be ber.”

As considerate as we are to preserving nature, we value our diet too. That is why we try to refrain from products not being organic natural, also trying to use only classical cooking methods.

“Stay salty, stay fresh.”

Since we love nature and sea life so much, we only absorb salt when we are swimming and stay healthy and young.

“Dive Nereids stay together.”

Since we adopted the same principle as Nereids’, we always in any circumstance dive with a buddy system. We continue our strong friendship bonds when developed during vacations.

“Summer is here, don’t forget your sun protection.”

Now we can share what salty water and nature gives us not only on seminars, dives or courses but also in our cafe while drinking our coffee and making you experience our summer holiday everyday.

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