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As Nereids Dive Center, whilst being able to supply our divers with proper equipment since 2007, we advice each diver to have their own equipment. To support this, we are representatives of some brands in our shop website and the dive shop to promote and sell the items. The diving equipment you have, just like your car and other technical equipments, require regular maintenances.

The equipments which have plastic gaskets may harden while they’re sitting in your closet and wear off, in addition to the equipment used in salt water becoming old, worn off and needing a filter change due to the concentration of salt in the water and the water pressure.

After your purchase of your own equipments, with the free course we will give you you will be able to do the maintenance work of your equipment and how to protect them;

After diving,

During diving,

At the end of divine seasons.

By acquiring this information, you will ensure to use your equipments for a longer time and have smoother maintenance overall. It is vitally important to carry these maintenances out regularly to make yourself comfortable and safe underwater


Equipments become worn off with time due to usage, salt and pressure, replacement of these equipments with new ones will increase you diving quality and increase the lifetime of your equipment.

Our main goal is to stock exchangeable spare parts to serve you faster.

Parts containing neoprene and plastic components are checked during every maintenance and the regulator filter which supplies you fresh air underwater is replaced regularly.

Our technical service is available for 12 months right above our diving center for the maintenance, replacement of all your diving gear

  • BC Repair Controls
  • Regulator Maintenance
    • O Ring Changes
    • Filter Changes
      • First snd second layer controls
  • Computer maintenances
    • Battery changes
  • Diving suit repairs
    • Neoprene part repairs
  • Mask, schnorchele and flipper repair
    • Spare part changes
    • Restoring broken pieces
  • Regular 6 month maintenances
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