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Emergency First Aid Instructor

In Emergency First Response Instructor training, you will focus on teaching and practicing primary, secondary, and child and infant skills. You will learn how to conduct a first aid training program in an emergency by improving yourself with the recommended Multi-media tools, independent studies and classroom trainings, and lots of practice. Instructor training; Your role as an “Emergency First Aid Instructor” in your training setting; It includes how to teach performance-based primary aid, secondary aid and Child education, clear goals and performance requirements. In addition, you will learn how to motivate students, evaluate their knowledge, use the course content effectively, become a professional in skills practice sessions and have educational experiences in challenging scenario-based applications during your trainings.


be 18 years or older, Have completed first aid training in the past 24 months, including CPR, or Be an emergency technician, Paramedic, or medical professional

Training Periods

All Emergency First Aid Trainings are conducted based on performance, not time. The number of participants Participants follow the objectives in accordance with the rules Instructor - Student ratio The way education is delivered The time is determined depending on the above conditions.


Primary aid (CPR) 4.5 – 6 hours Secondary Assistance 2.5 – 3.5 Hours Child and infant (CPR/Primary aid) 8-9 hours AED 2-3 hours CPR & AED 2.5 – 3 hours is determined as

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