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We started with a dream, however it would not be possible without our supportive team…

I think that if there is not a heart behind every work that is done, there wouldn’t be pleasure of that effort. It has been such a special, detailed and fun experience. I was able to go through the busy and tiring work hours thanks to you. I imagined and told you…

You listened to me and helped my dream become reality. You were as excited as me when we finished each piece

I thank each and every one of you for even just one nail on the wall or one sketch mark, your beach on Ankara is ready for your service.

Thanks to all who gave their efforts;

Ergün Seçmeer / Mechanical Engineer

Starting is halfway to finishing; for someone who did not start for 20 years you are my and Summertime’s positive energy who gave me the starting push and stood by me at every strategical decision. When he’s not in the field, he is the best barista behind La Cimbali.

Servet Canbay - Murat Özyurt / SMD Construction

When everyone was hearing the people in front and planned what they would be doing, they only listened to me, tried to understand my vision and did that. But most importantly, they tolerated me.

Ekin Yüksel / Ceramics Artist

I searched for a long time and found her. We did not even have walls. I told her about the water waves that would be on the ground and crabs roaming around in the sand, shells near the shore, pebble stones… She said what if a turtle climbed up on the shore, and brought such to everyone who rubbed their belly?

Didem Vural / Painter

We needed some last brush strokes, in order to see the missing shadows… Who even works for days while petting the rocks here…

Esen Sungu / Illustrator

She started to draw me as a surprise one day. Later, our every logo, menu, diving signboard… in short included her pencil in everything. She included her love to underwater which made her understand us quickly, we almost communicate without speaking

Eşref Aydın / Rüzgar Furniture

Haşim Oltu / HHT Chairs

Oğuzhan Aktaş / Doğuş Advertisement

Ali Zeki Tunçer

And many more who I can not name here were involved in the creation of Summertime with their love and support.

Everyone was an underwater lover even our workers, with this energy we created the nature loving environment we all love.

With all my love to those working with their hearts and souls

Gaye Dülger

I believe that a diving director in Turkey can be at the same level as the ones in the world and believe the diving instructors I have added to the sector.

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